20 years strong, League Projects provides Pipeline and Facility Construction, Pipeline Integrity, Module Construction and related construction services to the energy industry based on the principles of Safety, Quality and Integrity.

  • Pipeline Construction 2” – 24” Underground.
  • Pipeline Construction 2” – 36” Aboveground.
  • Mainline and Gathering Systems.
  • Multi-Line & Irregular ROW configurations.
  • Steel, Insulated, Internally Coated and HDPE Liner assistance.
  • Composite Pipelines (Fiberglass, FlexPipe, FlexSteel, Fiberspar).
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
  • HDD Crossings and Crossing Support.


The safe, environmentally responsible operation of our pipelines has always been our priority. The integrity of a pipeline system reflects on our reputation as a reliable transporter of energy who delivers energy in a timely and cost-effective manner to our customers, while simultaneously doing everything possible to detect and prevent potential risks to our pipelines.

  • Correlation & Verification Pipeline Integrity Dig Programs Nitrogen Purge, Pipeline Repair and Cut-Out Programs (3”- 48”).
  • Pipeline Hydrostatic Retests (3”- 48”).
  • Pipeline Lowering (3”- 48”).
  • Pipeline Abandonments (3”- 48”).
  • Pig Barrel Fabrication/Pipe Modifications.
  • Launcher & Receiver Programs.
  • Pipeline Class Upgrade Programs.


League Projects has a clear approach to Module Fabrication and Assembly. Keep it simple and deliver a more cost effective product to the client. Our management strives for continuous improvement in all areas with a strong focus on leaning our processes and procedures in order to bring greater value to the client.

  • Well Pair Buildings/Modules.
  • Pump Modules.
  • 18,000 sq. foot Module Fabrication Facility.
  • 4,000 sq. ft. Material Receiving Facility.
  • 57 Acres of Assembly and Module Storage.
  • Direct Access to High Load Corridor.


League Projects has a reputation for streamlined, efficient construction. With extensive technical expertise in the oil and gas industry we build specialized facilities that range from single spool piping modifications, to 50,000 weld-inch plant installations.

  • Piping and Spool Fabrication (all pipe diameters).
  • Oil Battery & Treating Facilities.
  • Pump Stations, LACT Units, Storage Facilities.
  • Compressor Stations, Meter Stations.
  • Wellsite Facility Installations.
  • Header & Riser Fabrication/Installation and Modifications.
  • Modular Piping Packages – Prefab Assembly & Installation.
  • General Structural Steel Fabrication.
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